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Adam & Amy Pope represent two completely different styles-


Adam is a songwriter, storyteller, and entertainer who was influenced by the energy of Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks, the songwriting of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Sr., and the 90’s country delivery of Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, and such. Adam writes and performs a variety of styles from fast paced rockabilly to bluegrass then suddenly he is softly singing country harmonies behind the beautiful vocals of his wife, Amy Pope.

Amy was influenced by the female country singers of her childhood such as Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, Allison Krauss and praise & worship singers (Amy sang in church often). Amy’s voice is often said to sound “angelic” as she softly croons out country and gospel/christian songs. Amy first appeared on her and Adam’s “Faith & Family” record in 2017 and she takes a much more involved role vocally on the “Old Fashioned” album titled after their original song that not only reflects Adam & Amy’s values and lifestyle, it perfectly captures the essence of Amy’s smooth, easy-going vocals and Adam’s honest and heartfelt delivery.

 Below you can listen to “Old Fashioned” featuring five Don Williams tribute songs performed as duets by Adam & Amy Pope, arranged with beautiful acoustic instrumentation and blended harmonies, plus a traditional, yet original country tune called “Old Fashioned” that harkens back to the sounds & values of yesteryear.

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 (Bill) Monroe SUN (Records)

Bluegrass. Rockabilly.

High energy, banjo driven, upright bass slappin’ RAW, rockin’ music. 

Monroe SUN captures that raw, magical energy from the Sun Records era, Bluegrass style, all while putting on a highly entertaining variety show featuring songs about faith, family, love, humor, a pig, and more!

Monroe SUN plans to go into the studio for a project in 2019!

  Visit monroesun.com for more info!

Band members-

Adam Pope (vocals, rhythm guitar)

Lisa Horngren (upright bass/mandolin)

Preston Walden (banjo)

Jerry Webb (guitar/bass)