The Rebel Roots


Why "Rebel Roots?"


• "The Rebel Roots" is a band name that reflects their traditional country and high-energy rockabilly passions. Their legs shake and their hips swing at that Sun Records sound originally made by hillbillies, who added a gospel influenced, rockin' beat to what otherwise would've just been country or blues tunes. Before there was rock n' roll, there was rockabilly.


• The "rebel" in the name "Rebel Roots" describes the pioneering aspect of their music. Adam Pope and "The Rebel Roots” seek to perform rockabilly music with the same fast-paced, rebellious spirit of those early trailblazers who challenged the mainstream culture. At the same time, Adam and "The Rebel Roots" strive to explore and preserve the roots of country music by providing an energetic, clever, and traditional country variety show for all ages.



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