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 "Ain't Over It Yet' is a song that flawlessly and powerfully captures our emotions, fears, anger and determinations from 9-11 to today! I absolutely believe this song is anointed and an urgent reminder to stay awakened and determined to preserve our culture, liberties, freedoms (our Republic) under the grave, clear and present danger of this enemy. No other song has ever captured all the 9-11 emotions like this one. Powerful song, needed message and gifted messenger in Adam Pope!"

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Mr. Adam Pope

Each summer through the months of May and October, Gallatin, Tennessee holds a relatively large concert and dining event series known as 3rd Thursday on Main. Gallatin’s downtown square lights up with smiling faces and triumphs with the sounds of children playing alongside the harmonious sounds of the chosen band. The smells coming off of the grills bring everyone back to their youth by allowing them to relax, partake in a burger or two, and just talk and enjoy the music that begins to flow from the wooden stage sitting in the foreground. There on that old wooden stage is where singer/songwriter Adam Pope fed from the energy of his audience this July 2014, with his Elvis-style shaking legs and his sometimes deep chords resembling a young and ambitious Johnny Cash.

Mr. Adam Pope

Adam Pope was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina and spent his childhood in Kentucky and Indiana. During his teenage youth, Adam’s Great Grandfather taught him how to play the guitar and perform music, while his father taught him some of life’s lessons, such as stand up for your beliefs and follow the heart.

“I learned early on that living a life other people want you to live is a waste. The only one I try to follow is God,” Adam began. “I strive to be a man who follows God and His Biblical principles, yet I know it’s up to me to figure a lot of things out myself.”

Mr. Adam Pope

At the age of twenty, Adam packed up his guitar and moved to Florida. In 2006, he decided to bring things towards Tennessee and settled with his wife, Amy Pope and up-and-coming firstborn son, in Sumner County, Tennessee. When asked about his eight and a half years living in music city he replied, “Best decision I ever made!”

Equally, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley have been Adam’s biggest musical influences-But it goes beyond that. When Adam gets inspired by the crowd’s incredible energy, he becomes a 1950’s Elvis – His legs trembling with excitement and passion. “I love a listening audience. Be it 1 or 10,000….I tell stories with my music, so when I have a listening audience, that is when I am doing what I was born to do.” 

Long term, Adam is working on a concept album which will feature stories as the centerpiece, and songs which will act as the bridges in between such.

Mr. Adam Pope

"The saying in Nashville is 'It all begins with a song' and I have never challenged that thought until recently. There are SO many songs out there, but not near as many good stories. So my new album will be built on the principle that it all begins with a story, and ends with a song," Adam proclaimed on his website.

He has been musically involved with another large, childhood influence, drummer WS “Fluke” Holland. WS was the drummer for Johnny Cash through Cash’s massive musical career. “It is such a thrill to play and record songs with the guy who played on the same records I learned to play guitar on when growing up,” Adam excitingly spoke. He is also proud to be on the roster of Nashville Unleashed, a smorgasbord delivering radio-worthy music from exceptional Nashville Artists, and also proud to have been a guest on RFD TV’s “Midwest Country.” Simply put, “It has been a big, fun year!”

Mr. Adam Pope

As Adam continues his successful career as a singer/songwriter, he’s reminded that music is not just a hobby but it is an absolute need in life. Through the years of blood, sweat, and tears, Adam Pope has remained true to his ever-growing passion to be the best communicator and entertainer he can be. “It’s exciting and scary to see what the future holds for us! I am so lucky.”

I am sure, as an audience member continuing to faithfully watch Adam strum his guitar on that old wooden stage, his Great Grandfather would sure be proud.

Mr. Adam Pope

Music City Roots Show Review


Show review 3.13.13: No Fluke

 "Musical legends come in may shades of cool, from not at all to unapproachably awesome. And sometimes they come in cool shades, the way W.S. “Fluke” Holland did at Music City Roots this week. They were gold aviator specs that went ever-so-well with his amazing mane of white hair, not to mention his graceful, gracious personality. Guest host Peter Cooper, historian that he is, did a great job contextualizing Fluke for me and our audience, describing how Holland – a non-drummer at the time - lucked into the Carl Perkins band in 1955, basically because he could keep time and he had a car. Then the third recording session of his life produced “Blue Suede Shoes.” And the rest, as they say, is hysterical.

Fluke became the third man in Johnny Cash’s Tennessee Three, putting him in charge of some of the most famous beats of all time. And he was there, playing drums, the day Cash and Perkins, Elvis and Jerry Lee ad hocked the one-time-only Million Dollar Quartet. So having Holland on hand just elevated an already charged evening. He was there to play behind a young fellow named Adam Pope, a North Carolinian turned Nashvillian (a rhyme that also fits your correspondent) who has a yen for that early Sun Records sound. He displayed a great feel for it in his set too...

...That set the stage for Adam Pope, working with Fluke Holland and a band of wily veterans who knew their country and rockabilly. Pope’s approach mingled his own writing with covers from Sun’s golden age. The song that got Fluke interested in working with Adam was “Shot In Reno,” which tells the famous Folsom Prison murder from the victim’s perspective. The audience showed their love with a standing O."

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 "Adam Pope’s The America That I Know EP opens with almost two minutes of historical moments recorded during pivotal times in the United States. From there Adam rolls into the first song, “The America That I Know.” Having written all the songs, Adam delivers a heartfelt performance on the material crafted from his beliefs and thoughts about America. “This Song’s For The Man” will resonate with people across the country."

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"Adam Pope is more than just another country songwriter from the south. He creates music that I think people of this genre have been craving for a while now. Progressive, but traditional. It is easy to tell that Adam has been influenced by the country greats, and he does them justice with his songs."



"I Was The Train" is nothing short of brilliant. A tribute to Johnny and Hank Williams that stands up there with Rodney Crowell’s "Walk The Line Revisited" or Alan Jackson’s "Mignight In Montgomery". High praise indeed, but truly justified. 

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"'...Adam is a true original who keeps audiences spellbound with his immense talent. He is truly a rising star and one of the hottest tickets on the circuit. " 

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"... You got to hear it to believe it...Interesting take on that from the pen of Adam Pope...and Adam Pope is the voice, rhythm and next big thing to hit this town." 

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