Story & Song album credits (2015 release)





Lisa Horngren-      Engineer/co-producer (17,19,21,22,24,26,28)

                               Upright bass (2,3,7,11,15,17, 21, 26) 

                               Electric bass (1,5,9,24)

                               Mandolin (19,26) 

                               Acoustic guitar (22) 

                               Electric “Luther” guitar (5,15) 

                               Banjo (21, 26)


Jerry Webb-     Engineer/co-producer (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,17,19,24,28)

                           Electric lead/rhythm guitar (1,2,3,5,7,11,13)

                           Electric “Luther” guitar (1,2,3,5,9,13)

                           Electric bass (13,19)

                           Acoustic guitar (1,17)


Josh Brown-     Electric lead/rhythm guitar (9,24)

                           Acoustic lead/rhythm guitar (7,21,26)

                           Ganjo (7)

                           Drums on pizza box (17)


Leroy Deuster-    Steel guitar (5,9,11,13)

                               Dobro (7)


Dusty Knapp-     Keys (11,13)

                              B3 (9)


Mike Johnson-   Steel guitar (1)


Hank Singer-      Fiddle (1,15)


Doug Jernigan-   Dobro (3,19)


Ric McClure-   Drums (1,3,5,7,15,19,21,24,26)


Andy Hull-   Drums (11,13)


Noah Hungate-   Drums (9)


Travis Wetzel-  Fiddle (17,21,24,26)

                            Viola (24)

                            Cello (24)


Dee Briggs-   co-writer (19)

                        Acoustic lead/rhythm guitar (19)

                        Harmony vocals (19)


"I Am Spartacus" (Ben Peeples, Michael Segarra, & Brady Ridings)-  Harmony/gang vocals (13)


Drew Covington- Fiddle (13)


Steve Peavy-   Banjo (15)


Shawn Conley-  Engineer (2,3,19,21,24,26)

                             Mastered (1-28)


Brett Stewart-  Engineer (15)


Donja Dryden “Just Faces” Photography- Album cover, back cover, disc cover


 Leslie Martin- Artwork design (Frequency Design)


Adam Pope- Co-producer, dreamer, last second mind-changer (1-28)

                       Songwriter/singer/storyteller (1-28)

                       Harmony vocals (1,3,5,9,11,15,17,26)

                       Acoustic rhythm guitar (1-21, 23-28)

                       Electric lead guitar (17)

                       Keys (21,24)

                       Screaming woman imitation (track 13)



Tracks recorded at “The Project Room” in Hendersonville, TN- (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,19,28)

Tracks recorded at “Mountain Branch Studios in Ridgetop, TN- (17,21,22,24,26)

Tracks recorded at “The Sound Shelter” in Franklin, TN (15)


Overdubs were done all over the place, welcome to 2015.


Stories recorded in Adam’s living room while Amy & Avery slept- (2,4,6,8,10,14,16,18,20,23,25,27)


Story/interview recorded in Ben Peeple’s basement- (13)


 Shoutout to my regular, traveling band members- Lisa Horngren (loyal, kind, cheerful, hard working, professional, constantly growing, dependable, and the best, most energetic upright player I've ever seen! Such a dear friend and huge believer in me from day 1), Jerry Webb (has the best stage bop ever, great producer and engineer, passionate about our music and determined to get it right, a GREAT guitarist and all around musician, great ear! And a heck of a good guy, heart of gold), Leroy Deuster (been believing since day 1, passionate, heartfelt, dripping with emotion, fantastic steel\dobro player, awesome husband and friend, example of patience and love, great hair too!), Josh Brown (incredibly talented monster guitarist, can play anything he wants at a high level, great sense of humor, awesome session a live performer, has great appreciation for music from all eras, has become a good friend of mine)


The inspriration for this project came from a number of places, but none more important than these people. These are the names behind the scenes that enable us to do what we do. This project would not have been possible without encouragement, support, late night listening and uplifting, prayers, and advice from these people…


Amy & Avery Pope (my sweet wife and our young'un)

David & Ruby Pope, Morgan & Debbie Baker (they raised me right)

My supportive inlaws

My encouraging, praying grandparents from both sides of the family

Donna Deuster (Leroy's supportive wife)

Richard & Lillie Horngren (Lisa's parents)

Parker Manuel (one of my best buds, from childhood he's been there, believing, encouraging me to put Christ 1st)

Carlos Magana (my big brother, another best bud for sure, encourager, hard core truth teller, always has my back)

Ben Peeples (another one of my best buds, standing strong, walking a parallel path, challenging me to be the best I can be)

My ex-coworkers and boss from Newton Nissan & my ex-coworkers from Tracker Boats. I made life long friends working with these folks and I appreciate their support, encouragement, and cover on days I was off and on the road! 



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