Adam Pope & the Rebel Roots band is a high-energy country/rockabilly group based just outside of Nashville, TN. They combine the raw sounds and unbridled energies of the Sun Record era and combines it with respectful polish and substantive songwriting soaked in classic country music sentiments. Their show is woven together with Hee-Haw like humor and front porch storytelling. From the hilarious snapshot of relationship dysfunction captured by "Your Mom" to the intimate, patriotic, tearjerker "Soldier's Wife" and more, Adam Pope & the Rebel Roots take the audience on an emotional and entertaining ride.

 There'll be plenty of stage rockin' due to dancing and if the stage is grass, it will be killed while only dirt remains. Band members are known to leap into the air while never missing a beat and you'll hear plenty of wild upright bass slappin' along the way!

 Adam Pope has released several projects, including teaming up with Johnny Cash's and Carl Perkins' original drummer, WS "Fluke" Holland to record original music at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN.

 The Adam Pope & the Rebel Roots have played on the Music City Roots show in Nashville, TN; performed on RFD TV's "Midwest Country" show; and Adam is a member of the highly touted "Nashville Unleashed" roster of performing songwriters who are currently being featured in a TV series airing on Blue Highways TV, Angel Two (Dish Network), the Heartland channel, and more.

 Adam released his latest album called "Story & Song" in July of 2015..

 "The saying in Nashville is 'It all begins with a song' and I have never challenged that thought until recently. There are SO many songs out there, but not near as many good stories. So my new album will be built on the principle that it all begins with a story, and ends with a song."

 - Adam D. Pope




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