Welcome to my music website! I've been writing songs and recording music for years so that collection can be found here on this website.


Feel free to print our 2019 South Texas winter schedule! 

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The Faith & Family album is available now!

New release! A full length record featuring the vocals of my lovely wife, Amy Pope as she joins me singing our favorite gospel songs and brand new original songs!

 $15 per physical CD or you can download it from iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and more!

Call (615)509-5372 or email adampope84@gmail.com to order CD or click on the picture to download! 




We had the honor of being guests for an interview and full album review on Grandpa Ralph's Workshop podcast! 

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   My 9/11 tribute video-


 "Ain't Over It Yet' is a song that flawlessly and powerfully captures our emotions, fears, anger and determinations from 9-11 to today! I absolutely believe this song is anointed and an urgent reminder to stay awakened and determined to preserve our culture, liberties, freedoms (our Republic) under the grave, clear and present danger of this enemy. No other song has ever captured all the 9-11 emotions like this one. Powerful song, needed message and gifted messenger in Adam Pope!"  

 -Michael Delgiorno (Nashville's Supertalk 99.7 host from 9am-noon)



9/11 memorial t-shirts "I Ain't Over It Yet" are now available!

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Adam & Amy Pope interviewed on podcast!
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